Draperstown (Richard Beattie) Mart: Fat cows selling to £1246.20 for 670kg

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Another strong trade this Friday (October 18) with bullocks selling to 238ppk, heifers selling to 220ppk, weanlings selling to up to £1035 and fat cows selling to £1246.20/670kg.


W Galway £1200/610kg, £1160/610kg, Seamus McAtamney £1150/550kg, £1145/540kg, Stanley Watterson £1145/610kg, W Galway £1140/550kg, £1120/560kg, Patrick Coyle £1105/580kg, Frank Stewart £1105/500kg, £1070/510kg, £1065/540kg, Robert Ferguson £1090/550kg, Seamus McAtamney £1070/450kg, £1030/490kg, James Chivers £1060/470kg, Stanley Watterson £1060/600kg, £1040/500kg, Robert Ferguson £1030/550kg, £1025/520kg, Isobel Lees £1020/490kg, Ralph Pickering £1020/480kg, W D Spence £1000/640kg, Stanley Watterson £995/550kg, £990/460kg, Francis Hughes £990/450kg, R Pickering £990/480kg, £970/430kg, £960/470kg, I Lees £975/460kg, Frank Stewart £960/440kg, £950/470kg, Francis Hughes £930/410kg, Thomas Bell £920/520kg, Francis Hughes £900/390kg and Frank Stewart £880/390kg.


T R Crawford £1115/580kg, £1100/550kg, £1040/520kg, £1015/520kg, M O’Kane £1110/590kg, Martin O’Kane £1100/580kg, Adrian Cudden £1075/520kg, W G Galway £1035/550kg, £1015/560kg, D Wright £1010/550kg, £1000/530kg, Adrian Cudden £1000/500kg, £1000/470kg, £970/470kg, W Galway £1000/540kg, T Crawford £1000/490kg, W Galway £990/530kg, £985/530kg, Walway £960/510kg, Adrian Cudden £950/480kg, £945/510kg, Thomas Davidson £940/460kg, Hawthorn Heights £920/490kg, Stephen Moffiett £920/580kg, Frank Stewart £900/440kg, £890/420kg and Robert Eagleson £880/430kg.


Mark Rosborough £1035/500kg, £900/540kg, Joe O’Connor £880/450kg, £835/430kg, £630/360kg, £600/370kg, Andrew Fleming £865/470kg, £840/440kg, £810/460kg, £800/440kg and Sarah O’Neill £400/160kg.


Richard Charles £710/400kg and Sarah O’Neill £535/240kg, £500/230kg, £490/210kg, £470/210kg, £330/170kg.


Demot Mullan £1246.20/670kg, Eoin Loughran £1201.20/780kg, Paul Young £1197/700kg, John McKenna £1195.40/860kg, James Black £1128.60/570kg, Michael Quinn £1150.50/650kg, Patrick McGarvey £1080/720kg, Seamus Quigg £1069.20/660kg, Sean O’Neill £1044/720kg, Dermot Mullan £1028.50/550kg, Shane McDevitt £1027/650kg, Michael Quinn £1008/630kg, Dermot Mullan £996/600kg, Paul Young £994.50/650kg, Patrick McGarvey £994/710kg, William Donnelly £986/580kg, Thomas Jeffers £985.60/770kg, Shane McDevitt £936/780kg, £938/640kg, Robert Crawford £911.2/670kg, Mary McGennis £908.80/710kg, Sean O’Neill £900/720kg, Gerard McBride £900/600kg, Ray Wilson £891.10/670kg, James Chivers £890.50/650kg,John Lowe £888/740kg and Dermot Mullan £886.90/490kg.

Drapertstown suckled calf sale: A flying trade on Tuesday (October 22) for calves selling to 310ppk.

Prices as follows:


Kennedy Watters £820/440kg, £820/380kg, £800/390kg, Hannah Hall £790/300kg, Patrick Crawley £770/330kg, £740/320kg £740/340kg, Noel Mullan £750/430kg, £750/360kg, £735/260kg, £715/260kg, Ivan Hall £740/270kg, £740/300kg, Kennedy Watters £730/270kg, £710/240kg, £710/300kg, £690/350kg, Hannah Hall £720/320kg, £710/350kg, £705/300kg, Seamus Moore £720/320kg, £7440/320kg, Robert Nicholson £710/320kg, £700/300kg, £690/270kg, £690/270kg, £680/330kg, £560/250kg, S Patrick Crawley £700/380kg, Kennedy Watters £700/370kg, B Quinn £690/340kg, B Hempton £685/350kg and A and S Nicholson £680/220kg.


Ivan Hall £700/270kg, £680/310kg, Patrick Crawley £670/320kg, Robert Nicholson £620/250kg, £615/260kg, Ivan Hall £600/250kg, £600/290kg, B Hempton £600/270kg, £600/290kg, Robert Nicholson £600/270kg, £600/250kg, £580/250kg, £550/240kg, Bernard Colgan £590/270kg, £590/230kg, £560/260kg, £550/260kg, £530/230kg, Noel Mullan £585/240kg, S Moore £580/220kg, £570/210kg, Kennedy Watters £550/230kg, R Nicholson £520/285kg, A and S Nicholson £520/285kg, B Hempton £500/90kg, Noel Mullan £450/180kg and Bernard Colgan £410/180kg, £410/150kg, £400/170kg.