Dullest and wettest June for five years, warmer than average

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Armagh Observatory has reported that June 2017 was dull, wet and warmer than average. It was the dullest and wettest June at Armagh for five years, that is, since June 2012.

June 2017 recorded a total of just 97.5 hours of strong sunshine. This is a little more than half the long-term (1881-2010) average number of hours of strong June sunshine at Armagh, and two-thirds of the most recent (1981-2010) 30-year June average. It was the fifth dullest June at Armagh on record. The sunniest day was the 2nd, with just 10.6 hours of strong sunshine.

Total precipitation was 77.85 mm (approximately 3 inches) including 7 trace values, that is, 77.5 mm if trace values are ignored. This was approximately a fifth more than the long-term (1838-2010) average June rainfall at Armagh and a third more than the most recent (1981-2010) 30-year June average. There were just five days with no measurable or trace of precipitation. The wettest day was the 26th.