Dunbia pushes for China’s export market

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Leading meat processor Dunbia has taken part in a recent DEFRA led trade mission to China aimed at developing the lucrative Chinese export market.

Dunbia’s Group executive director, Jack Dobson travelled to China on the mission which was headed up by The Right Hon Elizabeth Truss, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

“The trade mission offered an opportunity to establish new contacts and develop existing relationships in an extremely important marketplace,” commented Mr Dobson.

“The importance of the Chinese market cannot be over-estimated, particularly for Northern Ireland where the agri-food industry plays such a vital role in our economy. We need local government and business to work together to ensure that we develop and exploit the potential of the Chinese and indeed other export markets. While the DEFRA led trade was extremely beneficial, we need to ensure that Northern Ireland is well represented and does not get left behind.

“Meat processing represents a unique challenge in that there is no single market to which we can export the entire product,” adds Mr Dobson.

“There is value in every part of the animal but it is critical that we gain access to markets in the Middle East, Africa, the BRIC nations and the USA to ensure that we sell every part and ultimately get best value for our 28,000 producers. This is why trade missions to these areas are so important.”