Dunedin partnership top from Fermoy

Sands & Rice - Ballyholland - 1st Sect G Fermoy.
Sands & Rice - Ballyholland - 1st Sect G Fermoy.

The N.I.P.A. were in Fermoy.

The birds were liberated on Saturday, 17th June at 9.15 am into a south west wind.

Topping the NIPA Open & 1st Sect D (49/568) is the partnership of Cowan & McCartney, Dunedin.

Some 419 members sent 5,544 birds. Their latest top performer is a smart looking yearling, blue pied cock and was bred by good friend Stephen Brown.

The cock was racing well and prior to topping the NIPA Open was a previous winner of 1st Club, 14th Sect & 36th Open EDC Fermoy, 2nd Club EDC Tullamore & 10th Club EDC Tullamore. Congratulations guys on your recent top success.

Section C Report

Top bird in Sect C winning 1st Sect C (48/605) & 4th Open was the husband/wife partnership of B & D McClurkin & Sons, Beverley & Dessie.

The partnership had a great race with 11 birds in the NIPA Open result including 1st, 4th, 10th, 23rd, 28th, 36th etc. Sect & 4th, 19th, 30th, 54th, 72nd, 97th etc Open. Breeding:

Their latest top performer contains the very best of the M & D Evans Vandenabeele family and the Angel Bros Vanderhorst family. Beverly and Dessie would like to say a big thank you to Dessie’s brother John McClurkin for his help in training the birds.

Section D Report:

See opening report

Section F Report:

Top bird in Section F winning 1st Sect F (35/334 ) and 17th Open is the partnership of McGimpsey Bros, Ards HPS.

Their latest top performer and latest 1st Sect winner is one of the brothers best racers, now recording his 3rd x 1st Sect win.

Known as “Churchill” - a 3 year old blue cock. A previous winner of 1st Sect & 69th Open Rosscarbery O/B National & 1st Sect & 32nd Open Fermoy 5 Bird (only recently).


Sire: “Dylan2” - Top Producer - Sire, G/Sire of winners in N.I and England, best of Jeff Greenaway.

Dam: “Matilda” - Top Producer - Dam, G/Dam of winners. Bred by Mike Lycett and purchased at his clearance sale - best of their Vandenabeele family.

Section G Report :

Top bird in Section G winning 1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th Sect G 50/939) & 2nd, 3rd, 51st & 55th Open is the top racing partnership of Sands & Rice, Ballyholland HPS.

This is another top result for the partnership to add to their already impressive list of 2017 results - the very best of their Jacob family of birds.