Dungiven Farm Supplies appointed HVS stockist

Martin Gormley (right) owner of Dungiven Farm Supplies with 'senior staff member Martin McCormick
Martin Gormley (right) owner of Dungiven Farm Supplies with 'senior staff member Martin McCormick

Dungiven Farm Supplies has been appointed as a stockist for HVS Animal Health.

The Co Londonderry business will be stocking the HVS Liquid Gold mineral and vitamin range plus a wide selection of the other HVS brands.

“We are delighted to have this new business opportunity,” confirmed Dungiven Farm Supplies’ owner Martin Gormley.

“It coincides with our 25th anniversary and will help grow company sales throughout our catchment area.”

He continued: “The benefits of HVS Liquid Gold are well recognised by farmers in this part of the world. At this time of the year, its use will help boost fertility levels in both breeding sheep and cows.

“Store cattle will also benefit from the mineral and vitamin boost, which Liquid Gold can deliver prior to housing. Our aim is to further grow sales during the period ahead.”

Paul Elwood, from HVS Animal Health, explained that, for trace elements to be available to stock, they must be of high quality and must link up with one or more amino acids or peptides in the rumen, prior to being absorbed through the gut wall into the blood stream.

He added: “Cattle and sheep are not ideally equipped to effect this “link up” and a significant proportion of trace elements and vitamins supplied in conventional form, pass straight through the body and are excreted.

“All of the HVS Liquid Gold range which supplies essential trace elements, including iron, copper, zinc and manganese are included in a 100% highly available chelated form, so maximising the mineral uptake and retention in body tissues.

“It also contains nucleotides, which act to increase red blood cell numbers, a key factor in determining animals’ ability to grow.”

Paul concluded: “The reality is that cattle can only perform to the level of the greatest deficiency or imbalance in their diet. All forage-based diets contain imbalances and consequently most stock never exceed 75% of their genetic potential in terms of growth, fertility, development of immunity.

“Liquid Gold Cattle acts to ensure that young stock fed grass or forages are not restricted in terms of meeting their full growth potential.”

Dungiven Farm Supplies is located in the town’s Main Street. For further information, telephone (028) 7774 2289