Early Christmas present for Great Ormond St Hospital

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Great Ormond Street Hospital, in London has received an early Christmas present thanks to the Hampshire Down Sheep Society.

Eddie, Matthew and Sam Mercer are pictured showing Dromara girl Georgina Bailey the new Hampshire Down lambs on the boys’ grandparents, Olive and John Mercers’ farm in Dromara. Olive is the Treasurer of Hampshire Down (Ireland) and the society has very kindly, yet again, donated over £200 to the Childrens’ Hyperinsulinism Fund, based at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Georgina has the rare metabolic condition of Hyperinsulinism and associated Epilepsy and she is under the care of Great Ormond Street Hospital where she attends for regular review and treatment.

Christine and William Bailey, Georgina’s parents, expressed their heartfelt thanks to Hampshire Down (Ireland) for their generous support.

The Childrens’ Hyperinsulinism Fund needs to raise approximately £50,000 each year to cover the costs of a Research Assistant and hospital equipment. These funds will be used for desperately needed research into all aspects of Hyperinsulinism from medication, genetic causes, feeding issues and diagnosis along with many other areas.

If you would like to find out more about Hyperinsulinism, please e-mail info@hi-fund.org or go to www.hi-fund.org.