Early silage cut in Donaghcloney

Charlie Weir
Charlie Weir

One of the first cuts of grass silage took place in Northern Ireland this week. 70 acres of IRG was taken off early.

“It was too far on for slurry and it would have shot badly if we’d waited until the main crop was ready,” commented Charlie Weir. “We will get 5t+ per acre now and it will be ready again in the second to third week of May along with the other grass.

Last year Charlie, like most dairy farmers was looking at cutting out various products to save money. The silage additive was one of the products that was going to be dropped. However, he had a mini-silo from the year before and got it tested.

“Only I done it myself I wouldn’t have believed how good the results were. It made a big difference and I couldn’t afford not to use it. It’s one product I now know pays for itself,” concluded Charlie.

Provita Advance+ is the only silage inoculant manufactured in Northern Ireland to EFSA, UFAS and feed standards. It contains three unique strains at a 1.2 million bacteria per g of forage and produces lactic and acetic acid to improve fermentation and stability. This results in better animal performance and less waste.

For more information call Provita on 028 8225 2352 or Tommy Armstrong on 07720 101 444.