Easier trade for hoggets and lambs at Markethill

An entry of 1060 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday 27th April sold in an easier trade for hoggets and lambs.

Middleweight hoggets sold from 340p to 360p per kilo for 20.4 kilos @ £73.50 each. Heavy hoggets sold from 320p to 344p per kilo for 25 kilos @ £86 each.

Light lambs sold to 399p per kilo for 21.5 kilos @ £85.80 each, followed by 398p per kilo for 21 kilos @ £83.50 each. Main demand sold from 370p to 396p per kilo.

Heavy lambs sold from £85 to £89 each. Top price of 365p per kilo was paid for 24.2 kilos @ £88.20 each.

Heavy cull ewes sold from £70 to £87 each with poorer quality pens selling from £45 to £65 each.

A full yard of breeders sold in a steady trade. Doubles sold to £228 each with several more from £150 to £198 each. Singles sold from £120 to £152 each.

HEAVY HOGGETS: Cullyhanna farmer 25k £86 344p. Portadown farmer 24.5k £83 338p. Newtownhamilton farmer 24.5k £79 322p. Portadown farmer 24.9k £80 321p.


Loughbrickland farmer 20.4k £73.50 360p. Loughbrickland farmer 20.6k £73.50 356p. Loughbrickland farmer 20.9k £73 349p. Silverbridge farmer 22.3k £77.80 348p. Armagh farmer 20k £68 340p.


Armagh farmer 211.5k £85.80 399p. Banbridge farmer 21k £83.50 398p. Markethill farmer 22.6k £89.50 396p. Portadown farmer 21.7k £85.50 394p. Scarva farmer 21k £82 391p. Markethill farmer 20.3k £79.20 390p. Ballynahinch farmer 20k £78 390p. Newtownhamilton farmer 22.5k £87.50 389p

HEAVY LAMBS: Mulladuff farmer 24.2k £88.20 365p. Newry farmer 24.3k £88 362p. Keady farmer 25.6k £87 339p.