Easier trade for prime lambs at Markethill

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An entry of 810 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday, 27th May returned a noticeably easier trade for prime lambs with cull ewes selling in another very firm trade.

The 420 lambs were slower to sell although every lamb was sold.


Heavy lambs (over 24 kilos) sold from £71 to £76 each. Top rate of 300p per kilo was paid for 24 kilos @ £72 each.

Light lambs sold to 333p per kilo for 21 kilos @ £70 each. Main demand sold from 310p to 325p per kilo.

Another good entry of 270 cull ewes sold in a strong trade. Good quality cull ewes sold to £113 each. Main demand sold from £80 to £111 each. Plainer ewes sold from £60 to £75 each.

Ewes & lambs sold on an excellent trade. Doubles sold to £210 each with several more from £170 to £205 each. Singles sold to £185 each with all good quality outfits from £150 to £180 each.

HEAVY LAMBS: Keady farmer 24k £72 300p, Killeavy farmer 24.5k £72.50 296p, Keady farmer 24k £71 295p, Richhill farmer 24.2k £71.50 294p, Cookstown farmer 25k £72 288p LIGHT LAMBS: Newry farmer 21k £70 333p, Crossmaglen farmer 20k £65 325p, Keady farmer 21.5k £69.50 323p, Loughgall farmer 21.5k £68.50 318p, Tandragee farmer 22k £70 317p, Belleeks farmer 22k £69.50 315p, Armagh farmer 22.9k £72 315p