Easier trade for sheep at Markethill

An entry of 1310 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday returned a slightly easier trade.

Heavy lambs sold from £65 to £68 each with a top rate of 279p per kilo for 24 kilos @ £67. Main demand sold from 265p to 275p per kilo.

Middleweight lambs sold to 295p per kilo for 20 kilos @ £59 each followed by 292p per kilo for 21.5 kilos @ £62.80 each. All good quality pens sold from 280p to 290p per kilo.

Stores sold readily with lightweights from 300p to 343p per kilo for 14 kilos @ £48 each. Stronger stores sold to 325p per kilo for 18 kilos @ £58.50 each.

Cull ewes sold to £80 each with several pens from £67 to £79 each. Plainer ewes sold from £45 to £62 each.

HEAVY LAMBS: Donacloney 24k £67 279p. Markethill farmer 24k £66 275p. Collone farmer 24.4k £67 275p. Newtownhamilton farmer 24k £66 274p. Armagh farmer 24k £66 272p. Markethill farmer 24k £65.20 272p. Markethill farmer 24.7 £67 271p. Rostrevor farmer 24k £64.50 269p

MIDDLEWEIGHT LAMBS: Katesbridge farmer 20k £59 295p. Caledon farmer 292p. Portadown farmer 20k £58 290p. Portadown farmer 20.9k £60.50 290p. Newtownhamilton farmer 21.6k £62 286p. Keady farmer 20.1k £57.50 285p. Newtownhamilton farmer 22.8k £65 284p. Loughgilly farmer 20k £56.50 282p. Kilkeel farmer 22.2k £62.80 282p

STORES: Mullabawn farmer 14k £48 343p. Jerrettspass farmer 13.8k £47 341p. Draperstown farmer 14.2k £48 337p. Caledon farmer 14.5k £48 330p. Draperstown farmer 17.5k £57.50 329p. Portadown farmer 14k £46 329p. Draperstown farmer 16.5k £54 326p. Newry farmer 14.8k £48 324p. Caledon farmer 18k £58.50 324p