EasyFix to have major presence at Fintona

Finishing bulls in a pen fitted out with EasyFix slat rubber
Finishing bulls in a pen fitted out with EasyFix slat rubber

EasyFix will have a major presence at this year’s Fintona event.

All of the products on display, including the company’s slat rubber range, its ever-popular cow cubicles and mattresses are eligible for grant under Tier 1 of the Farm Business Improvement Scheme.

There is also strong evidence to show that large numbers of livestock farmers have already committed to investing in slat rubber, in order to boost the comfort levels enjoyed by their stock.

In fact, the EasyFix slat rubber range has revolutionised the levels of comfort enjoyed by beef and dairy cattle on farms here in Northern Ireland over the past decade.

The reality is that the company’s slat rubber is now widely perceived as the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to improving and delivering a comfort solution on farms where slatted floors predominate.

The direct result of this investment is an improvement in daily liveweight gains, where beef cattle are concerned, enhanced milk yields, less feet and leg problems and – what’s becoming increasingly important for local farmers – less falls and accidents, as a consequence of the much improved grip offered by the EasyFix rubber.

“Research has repeatedly shown that ‘animal comfort’ is a key driver when it comes to delivering improved performance on all livestock farms,” explained EasyFix’s Ronan Boyle .

“The EasyFix product range has been developed to meet this specific need. In addition, our slat rubber gives stock a much surer footing, thereby significantly reducing the risk of falls and injury.”

Ronan continued: “It has long been recognised that enhancing animal comfort will consistently improve livestock performance, in terms of higher milk yields and better growth rates. It really is a win:win scenario for both livestock and the farmers involved.

“With this in mind producers wishing to see how the theory behind improved animal comfort can be put into practice in the most cost effective way possible should take the opportunity of calling on to the EasyFix stand at next week’s Fintona event.”