EBI – The Grassland Profit Index

Curra Lightning.
Curra Lightning.

Dairy advisers and dairy research work have highlighted the opportunity for taking more milk from grass in Northern Ireland and its effect on profit margins.

One aspect that is often mentioned is the type of cow needed to maximise this opportunity.

The British Friesian sire, Firoda Randy 9

The British Friesian sire, Firoda Randy 9

Always in the lead on the farmer’s behalf, Genus ABS has some of the leading EBI sires in the world and has just launched a very special offer for farmers who wish to improve fertility, production and health traits on a grassland system.

Genus ABS has the premier grassland stud in the UK for the EBI Index. Andrew Rutter explains the EBI figures. He said: “ EBI is a single figure profit index aimed at helping farmers identify the most profitable bulls for breeding dairy herd replacements. It includes seven aspects of economic value – production, fertility, calving, beef, maintenance, management and health.”

He added: “We have great confidence in the next generation of bulls with super cow families that are proving very reliable. The top 100 EBI bulls in the world have an average EBI over 183 and Genus ABS has nine Irish sourced sires in this category with EBI’s ranging from 189 to 252.”

Fertility is on everyone’s radar when it comes to choosing sires. A sub index of 96 or above for fertility would place a sire in the top 100 available today and Genus ABS has 14 bulls with a fertility index ranging from 101 to 178.

All of the dairy farmer’s excellent management skills are in vain if a cow has calving difficulties. A calving index over 40 is deemed calving ease on local systems and Genus ABS has 12 sires which meet this criteria.

The very special volume offer just launched by Genus ABS includes six leading EBI sires with prices ranging from £8 to £14 per dose.

The sires include:

- Relough Directive (Penmanship x Barney). Directive is an extreme calving ease sire with an EBI of 225 and a calving index of 48. An ideal sire for all systems.

- Curra Lightning (Dougie x Jordanaire x Royal Hugo) – will greatly improve fertility and components.

- Cherryhill Seacht (Reeks x Fairgalt 2 x Gronemanhoeve) – a fantastic fertility sub-index of 125)

- Firoday Randy 9 (Randolf xTorello x Bass) – from the great Snow family at Firoda, noted for longevity.

- Curra Conor (Tunder Struck x Jordanaire x Hugo) an all round sire for all grassland breeding programs

- Curra Royal Stevie ( Odie x Jordanaire x Hugo) – genetics designed for perfect grassland efficiency.

Andrew added: “We have added a number of bulls to the proven lineup, notably Curra Pluto, one of our top selling genomic grassland sires who now has over 300 milking daughters, and the information is excellent with him holding his proof nicely. We have increased confidence in our latest pin-ups, Marco and Lightning who join Stevie, Conor and Seacht in our world class EBI lineup.

“Our stud remains an absolute flyer for Fertility Sub Index with massive potential to aggressively move component percentage, ideal for many milk processing contracts today.

“Finally for those looking for something a bit different within the EBI world, take a look at Firoda Randy 9, one of the highest Friesians ever on EBI.”

Further details available from local Genus ABS representatives or call the office on 028 3833 4426.