Election brings ‘opportunities’ - MP

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Upper Bann MP and DEFRA Committee Member David Simpson has highlighted the opportunity that now lies ahead for farmers in the next six weeks in the run up to June’s General Election.

He commented: “Theresa May’s announcement of a general election came as a surprise to us all; none more so than current MPs but it is not a cause of concern, it is a time to make your voice heard. The people of the UK will return to the polls again and the debates on economy, health, education and Brexit will recommence.

“Agriculture is a sector that has been neglected in terms of getting the important answers from the UK Government. Farmers now have an opportunity to be provided with the answers that will set out the future of the industry, outside of a European Union. Northern Ireland’s unique Brexit challenges will no doubt be raised on many doors and it is important that honest answers are made clear.

“In Northern Ireland, this election is an opportunity for voters to either back strong clear leadership within the Union or, a reckless plan to damage the long term future of our province. Having sitting MPs at Westminster means your views are articulated clearly to the Government. Farmers need strong representation at the Brexit negotiations,” added Mr Simpson.

“As we enter a new political era following the election, we cannot allow our farmers to be left in the dark and without a clear plan for the future. I look forward to the debate that lies ahead and I trust that the future UK Government will be respectful of the huge contribution Northern Ireland farming makes.”