Enniskillen Mart: Heavy lots selling to up to £1,480 per head

Enniskillen Mart
Enniskillen Mart

Good entries of cattle still coming forward to Thursday's sales.

Lightweight bullocks selling from 210ppk to 258ppk for a Limousin 345kg at £915.

Medium weights selling from 200ppk to 241ppk for a Charolais 408kg at £985.

Heavy lots selling from 190-225ppk for a Charolais 514kg at £1,160 and selling up to £1,480 per head.


Derrylin producer Limousin 354kg at £915, Charolais 388kg at £950, Aberdeen Angus 430kg at £1,020, Florencecourt producer Charolais 396kg at £965, Charolais 408kg at £985, Charolais 380kg at £915, Letterbreen producer Charolais 400kg at £980, Trillick producer Limousin 402kg at £955, Fintona Charolais 780kg at £1,480, Charolais 726kg at £1,420, Aghalane Charolais 684kg at £1,445, Charolais 652kg at £1,350 and Kesh producer Charolais 698kg at £1,440, Charolais 698kg at £1,330.


In the weanling rings steers and bulls sold from £675 to £1,050 paid for a 435kg Charolais while heifers ranged from £550 to £940 paid for a 345kg Charolais.

Ruling prices

Derrylin producer 345kg Charolais heifer at £940, 275kg Charolais heifer at £735, 293kg Charolais heifer at £855, 320kg Charolais heifer at £815, Belcoo producer 233kg Charolais bull at £655, 244kg Charolais heifer at £690, 328kg Charolais heifer at £775, Kinawley producer 240kg Charolais bull at £685, 262kg Charolais bull at £760, 219kg Charolais heifer at £580, 410kg Charolais steer at £1,070, 365kg Charolais heifer at £860, 435kg Charolais steer at £1,025, Garrison producer 275kg Charolais bull at £840, 268kg Simmental bull at £710, 304kg Charolais bull at £795, 220kg Charolais bull at £660, 299kg Charolais bull at £855, 275kg Charolais bull at £820, Derrygonnelly producer 450kg Limousin bull at £940, 375kg Limousin bull at £925, Newtownbutler producer 308kg Charolais heifer at £785, 289kg Limousin bull at £750, 296kg Charolais heifer at £775, Eniskillen producer 279kg Charolais heifer at £770, 280kg Limousin heifer at £790, 325kg Charolais steer at £945, 392kg Charolais steer at £935, 299kg Charolais steer at £885, 402kg Charolais heifer at £950, 370kg Charolais heifer at £835, 396kg Charolais heifer at £940, Belleek producer 217kg Charolais heifer at £660, 264kg Charolais heifer at £715, 246g Saler heifer at £565, 250kg Charolais heifer at £605, 261kg Charolais bull at £660 and Ederney producer 245kg Charolais heifer at £660, 335kg Limousin heifer at £725, 305kg Charolais bull at 825.


Kinawley producer Limousin bull at £455, Limousin bull at £440, Dromore producer Charolais bull at £400, Kesh producer Charolais bull at £350, Letterbreen producer Aberdeen Angus bull at £300, Charolais bull at £315, Charolais heifer at £320, Charolais heifer at £295, Charolais heifer at £275, Ballinamallard producer Aberdeen Angus bull at £300, Aberdeen Angus bull at £288 and Maguiresbirdge producer Hereford bull at £285, Hereford heifer at £300.


Trillick producer Charolais cow with bull at £1,560, Fintona producer springing Simmental heifer at £1,530, Derrylin producer springing Charolais heifer at £1,390, Irvinestown producer Simmental cow with bull at £1,400, Simmental cow with heifer at £1,320, Kesh producer Limousin cow and bull at £1,400 and Macken producer Aberdeen Angus bull at £1,670.


Forward lots sold to 224ppk paid for a 535kg Charolais at £1,200 and a top of at £1,320, while medium weights sold from 190- 240ppk paid for a 360kg Charolais at £1100.

While lighter weights sold from 193-250ppk paid for a 300kg Charolais at £750.

Lisnaksrick producer Charolais 535kg at £1,200, Charolais 540kg at £1,180, Ballinamallard producer Charolais 550kg at £1,140, Charolais 560kg at £1,160, Charolais 600kg at £1,250, Rosslea producer Charolais 540kg at £1,115 and Tempo producer Charolais 460kg at £1,100, Charolais 470kg at £1,025.

Fat cows

Beef lots sold to 172ppk paid for a 620kg Charolais at £1,075 and a top fat £1,310, medium weights sold from 100-177pk paid for a 550kg Charolais at £970, Friesian cows 69-122ppk for a 786kg Friesian at £955.

Enniskillen producer Charolais 830kg at £1,310, Ballinamallard producer Charolais 840kg at £1,220, Kesh producer Charolais 710kg at £1,175, Florencecourt producer Charolais 720kg at £1,080 and Macken producer Charolais 700kg at £1,180.