Entry of 1160 sheep at Markethill

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An entry of 1160 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday returned an easier trade for fat hoggets and lambs. Cull ewes and breeding sheep returned a steady trade.

Heavy hoggets sold from £84 to £89 each with a few over – weights selling from £90 to £93 each. Main demand sold from 330p to 362p per kilo for 24.3 kilos at £88 each.

Middleweight hoggets sold to 376p per kilo for 23.4 kilos @ £88 each. All suitable pens sold from 330p to 364p per kilo.

An increased entry of over 200 spring lambs eased in price with light lambs selling from 390p to 422p per kilo for 21 kilos @ £88.50 each. Heavy lambs sold from £86 to £93 each for 24 kilos (388). Main demand sold from 360p to 370p per kilo.

Cull ewes sold from £75 to £96 each with plainer ewes from £50 to £70 each.

A large turnout of ewes + lambs sold readily. Doubles sold to £218 each with several more from £170 to £202 each. Singles sold to £175 each with main demand from £130 to £162 each.

HEAVY HOGGETS: Collone farmer 24.3k £88 362p. Portadown farmer 24k £86 358p. Tandragee farmer 24k £86 358p. Armagh farmer 24.6k £86.50 352p. Newry farmer 24k £84 349p. Tandragee farmer 25.2k £86 341p. Loughgilly farmer 26k £88.50 340p.

MIDDLEWEIGHT HOGGETS: Armagh farmer 23.4k £88 376p. Markethill farmer 23.3k £84.80 364p. Tandragee farmer 23.4k £84.50 361p. Killylea farmer 23k £82 357p. Craigavon farmer 20.5k £72 351p. Armagh farmer 21.5k £73.50 342p. Tullyvallen farmer 21k £71 338p. Poyntzpass farmer 22k £73 332p


LIGHT LAMBS: Loughgilly farmer 21k £88.50 422p. Newtownhamilton farmer 21.5k £89 414p. Craigavon farmer 21k £86 410p. Armagh farmer 21.7k £87 401p. Richhill farmer 21k £83 395p. Hilltown farmer 21.5k £84.50 393p. Mowhan farmer 22.4k £88 393p

HEAVY LAMBS: Armagh farmer 24k £93 388p. Newtownhamilton farmer 25k £92.50 370p. Madden farmer 24k £87 363p. Tandragee farmer 25k £90 360p. Cortamlet farmer 25k £90 360p