Entry of 1507 sheep returns easier trade at Markethill

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An entry of 1507 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday returned an easier trade for fat lambs, although stores and cull sheep maintained a very firm trade.

Breeding hoggets sold to £152 each.

Heavy lambs sold to £83 each with several pens selling from £78 to £81 each. Top rate of 327p per kilo was paid for 24 kilos at £78.50 each.

Middleweight lambs sold to 349p per kilo for 21.2 kilos at £74 each. All good quality pens sold from 325p to 339p per kilo.

Store lambs sold in a very firm trade.

Light stores sold in an improved trade to reach 430p per kilo for 13.6 kilos at £58.50 each for a Hilltown farmer. The same owner received £63.50 each for 14.8 kilos (429p). Main demand sold from 350p to 405p per kilo. Stronger stores sold from 330p to 358p per kilo for 17.9 kilos at £64 for a Hilltown farmer.

The 260 cull ewes sold readily. Fleshed ewes sold from £74 to £89 each. Plainer types sold from £45 to £60 each.

The first breeding sale of this season attracted a very good entry. Hogget ewes sold to £152 each with several more pens from £130 to £150 each.

LIGHT STORES: Hilltown farmer: 13.6k £58.50 430p: Hilltown farmer: 14.8k £63.50 429p: Camlough farmer: 12k £49 £405p: Hilltown farmer: 11.5k £45 391p: Camlough farmer: 13k £50 385p: Dungannon farmer: 15.2k £56.50 372p: Lislea farmer: 12.4k £45 363p.

STRONGER STORES: Hilltown farmer: 17.9k £64 358p: Newry farmer: 17.5k £60 343p: Armagh farmer: 19.7k £67.50 343p: Corran farmer: 17k £58 341p: Newtownbutler farmer: 18.8k £63 335p: Portadown farmer: 19.3k £63.50 329p.

MIDDLEWEIGHT LAMBS: Portadown farmer: 21.2k £74 349p: Markethill farmer: 22.6k £76.50 339p: Corran farmer: 22k £73 332p: Armagh farmer: 21.2k £70 330p: Armagh farmer: 23k £75.50 328p: Armagh farmer: 22.4k £73.50 328p: Richhill farmer: 21.4k £70 327p: Armagh farmer: 22.8k £74.50 327p.

HEAVY LAMBS: Armagh farmer: 24k £78.50 327p: Whitecross farmer: 24k £77 321p: Armagh farmer: 24.6k £77 313p: Portadown farmer: 24k £75 313p.