Entry of 1650 sheep sell to a firm trade at Markethill

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An entry of 1650 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday 9th March continued to sell in a firm trade.

The 1190 hoggets returned a very good demand, similar to previous weeks. Heavy hoggets generally sold from £90 to £95 each with good quality pens selling from 355p to 384p per kilo for 24.2 kilos at £92.80 each. In all, 700 heavy hoggets averaged 25.9 kilos at £91.80 each (355p).

Suitable middleweights sold from 360p to 398p per kilo for 27 hoggets weighing 20.9 kilos at £83.20 each.

Stores sold from 350p to 397p per kilo for 17.5 kilos at £69.50 each.

Cull ewes sold from £75 to £93 each with plainer types from £45 to £60 each.

A full yard of ewes and lambs sold readily. Doubles reached £245. Main demand sold from £160 to £190 each. Singles sold from £120 to £160 each.

HEAVY HOGGETS: Tandragee farmer: 24k £92.80 384p: Cullyhanna farmer: 24k £92.20 381p: Mullabawn farmer: 24k £91.50 378p: Keady farmer: 24.5k £91 372p: Armagh farmer: 24k £89 371p: Armagh farmer: 24.2k £89 368p: Tullyvallen farmer: 24.9k £91.50 368p: Tullyvallen farmer: 24.5k £90 367p: Tandragee farmer: 24.6k £90 366p.

MIDDLEWEIGHT HOGGETS: Loughbrickland farmer: 20.9k £83.20 398p: Tandragee farmer: 20k £77 385p: Portadown farmer: 22.5k £86.50 384p: Poyntzpass farmer: 22.3k £85.50 383p: Coalisland farmer: 21k £79.80 380p: Tynan farmer: 23.2k £88 279p: Tynan farmer: 22.9k £86.80 379p: Dromore farmer: 23.4k £88 376p: Richhill farmer: 22.8k £85.50 375p.

STORES: Cullyhanna farmer: 17.5k £69.50 397p: Portadown farmer: 16k £63.50 397p: Keady farmer: 17.7k £69.50 393p: Cullyhanna farmer: 18.4k £68 370p: Portadown farmer: 18k £63 350p: Richhill farmer: 17k £59 347p.