Erth Agriseeder moving forward

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The Erth Agriseeder was launched just under three years ago at the LAMMA Show in 2013.

It was originally designed to sow grass in to grass and grass in to burn off, however it has since proven itself with brassicas, cover crops and greening crops.

In 2014 very dry conditions were prevalent, but the Agriseeder kept working where other disk drills could not get in to the ground. In 2015 the Agriseeder’s specially developed auto-contour system has allowed penetration to be controlled more effectively than other rigid drills so the performance has been very good for damper conditions or for sowing small seed.

It is now the number one disk drill of its type in the UK. This Autumn, a new Agriseeder will be put in the field with a view to the direct drilling of cereals.