Essential guide to ATV and tractor machinery from Blaney Group

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Blaney Group are pleased to announce the launch of two new brochures showcasing their innovative range of Blaney Agri tractor machinery and Quad-X ATV equipment, all designed and built in Co Antrim.

With livestock already housed in many areas of the province, it is set to be a long feeding and bedding season. If you are searching for a solution to make life easier, look no further than Blaney Agri’s new 64 page catalogue which has details on the unrivalled range of Blaney bale unrollers, bale shredders, cubicle bedders and poultry bedders.

If ground conditions get a chance to dry up you might want to consider tackling areas of overgrown vegetation or hedges with the Blaney range of power shredder mowers, hedge cutters or excavator shredder heads, developed for excellent performance in difficult conditions.

With the continued onslaught of wet weather, and poor ground conditions, quads are proving an invaluable tool for farmers and those involved in ground maintenance tasks. When teamed with Quad-X kit your ATV or UTV can be used for moving bales, transporting livestock, scraping slats, tackling overgrown vegetation in hard to reach areas, feeding stock or levelling horse arenas.

Quad-X and Blaney Agri, part of the Blaney Group are involved in the design and development of agricultural machinery, with over two decades experience in manufacture. Based in Co Antrim, Blaney are well placed to develop a range of machinery suited to the needs of the Irish and UK marketplace, where conditions are often challenging. Unlike many imported machines, the Blaney range is designed to suit tough conditions relating to cutting and shredding vegetation and handling and processing bales.

To get your hands on the Blaney Agri or Quad-X brochure give the team a call on 028 2587 2801 or email They can also be downloaded from and .