Ewes and lambs selling to £192.50 at Gortin Mart

Gortin Mart
Gortin Mart

A rise in fat lamb prices this week selling to £101.50, fat ewes selling to £120 and ewes and lambs selling to £192.50.


J and H Foster £101.50/27kg, Michael Mimnagh £100/30kg, Brian Lynch £95/25kg, Gordan Gibson £95/24kg, £95/24kg, S Porter £95/23kg, Michael Mimnagh £94.80/24kg, Albert Patrick £94.50/23kg, Seamus Kelly £94/22kg, Keith McAdoo £94/23kg, Eamon McBrien £94/26kg, A Devine £93/22kg, James Chivers £93/21kg, John Grant £92/25kg, Chris McAweaney £90.50/22kg, B Cosgrove £90/21kg, Pearse Foster £90/20kg, Michael Mimnagh £90/21kg, Grace McDonald £89.50/20kg, Raymond Law £89.50/21kg, S Porter £88.50/20kg, Andrew Sloane £86.50/20kg and Seamus Kelly £80.50/20kg.


J and H Foster £120, S Moore £110, £102, £99, J and H Foster £97, James Chivers £95, Ian Hawkes £90.50, Gordan Gibson £89, Alan Speer £82, Noel Doherty £82, Gordan Gibson £80, Francis McClean £80, S Moore £80, S Porter £76.50, K Daly £76, £75 and Alan Speer £76.


Ewel Steel £192.50, S Moore £192, Ashley Bowden £185, £165, Raymond Bowden £182, £182, Chris McAweaney £172, James O'Hagan £166, John Blackburn £160, £158, £135, £132, £12 and Dermot Nugent £160, £155, £150.