Excellent entry of cattle at Swatragh

An excellent entry of quality cattle on May Day, Monday 4th May sold to a very sharp trade with some exceptional prices.

More quality stock is required to meet demand. Heifers selling to £1,090 for 554kg while Bullocks sold to £1,190 for 582kgs. Fat Cows selling to £940.Sample Prices:

Heifers: Swatragh Producer 554kg,£1,090;524kg,£825;512kg,£905;Cookstown Producer 284kg,£625;256kg, £530;360kg, £660;326kg,£665;308kg,£645; 384kg,£675;Kilrea Producer 298kg,£575;312kg,£580;270kg,£500;270kg,£570;328kg, £650; Garvagh Producer 302kg,£695;308kg,£540;322kg,£630;Swatragh Producer 326kg,£740;396kg, £845;398kg, £730;356kg,£770;378kg, £835; 314kg,£675;Maghera Producer 366kg,£740;352kg,£700;Dungiven Producer 254kg,£600;286kg,£650; 278kg,£605;Magherafelt Producer 250kg, £570;242kg, £500;242kg,£540;Upperlands Producer 470kg,£930; 398kg,£800; 446kg,£890;498kg,£1,000;Maghera Producer 492kg,£845;528kg,£800;518kg, £780; Swatragh Producer 530kg,£1,060;Garvagh Producer 318kg,£640;308kg,£685;294kg,£630;312kg, £680;324kg, £675;306kg,£580

Bullocks: Upperlands Producer 582kg,£1,190;554kg,£1,020;506kg,£985;560kg,£1,125;498kg, £990;528kg, £1,000;502kg, £945;Garvagh Producer 372kg, £925; 392kg,£895; Claudy Producer (Bulls)608kg,£990;576kg,£955; 518kg,£880;530kg,£890; 590kg,£1,010;542kg,£990;630kg,£1,075; 658kg, £1,020;642kg, £1,080;586kg,£950;554kg, £850;650kg,£1,075;Swatragh Producer 374kg,£790; 356kg,£785;Magherafelt Producer 222kg,£610; 258kg,£600;234kg,£610;240kg,£595;Cookstown Producer 360kg,£800;264kg, £580;314kg, £680;382kg, £875;342kg, £650; 400kg,£780;340kg,£695;Swatragh Producer 454kg,£920; 412kg,£875;420kg,£860;

Sheep: A seasonal entry of 600 sheep at Swatragh on Saturday 2nd May witnessed trade very strong in a number of categories. Several pens of heavy lambs sold well in excess of £80.00 each to a top rate of £83.50. Spring Lambs sold to £82.00.,Ewes sold to £98.50;Ewes and Lambs at Foot sold to £206 .

Sample prices: Heavyweight Lambs; Garvagh Producer 1 Lamb 30kg at 83.50 = 278p Upperlands Producer 23 Lambs 30kg at 83.20 =277p;Coagh Producer 4 Lambs 23kg at 81.20 =353p; Garvagh Producer 1 Lamb 32kg at 81.00 =253p; Portglenone Producer 3 Lambs 32kg at 80.00; = 250p;.

Spring Lambs Magherafelt Producer 1 Lamb 26kg at 82.00 = 315p; Portstewart Producer 15 Lambs 22.75kg at 80.00 =352p Limavady Producer 3 Lambs 21.5kg at 76.80 = 357p; Dungiven Producer 3 Lambs 20kg at 76.00 =380p

Ewes; Draperstown Producer 1 Suffolk at 98.50; Swatragh Producer 1 Texel at 95.00.

Producer Incentive: There will be £100 Northern Counties Farmware Store Voucher to be won every month at both the Sheep and Cattle Marts.

March Winners; Cattle Sale – Gerard Higgins Swatragh; Sheep Sale – Brendan McElhennon,Cookstown

Cattle Sale – Every animal sold will guarantee one entry into monthly draw

Sheep Sale – Every 10 Sheep sold will guarantee one entry into monthly draw