Excellent entry of sheep at Gortin sell to a strong trade

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An excellent entry of sheep sold to a strong trade.

LAMBS: Allan Speer £86.80/22kg, Dennis Calvert £86/24kg, Gerard Munroe £86/28kg, John Daly £86/27kg, William Tait £85.50/26kg, Patrick Gallagher £85.20/25kg, James Rafferty £85/26kg, Ronald Spence £85/23kg, Shirley Moore £85/20kg, Seamus Hegerty £83.80/22kg, Kenneth Hopper £83.50/23kg, Hazel Kerr £83/23kg, Franis Raffertry £83/23kg,Rafferty £82.20/22kg, D Rafferty £82.20/22kg, Shirley Moore £82/24kg, James Chivers £81.80/20kg, James OHagan £81.50/21kg, William Martin £81.20/20kg, Terry McGinley £80.50/21kg, J Martin £80.50/21kg, Eamon McBrien £80/21kg, William Crawford £79.20/19kg, Aubrey McKelvey £78/20kg, Pearse Foster £76.50/20kg, Kenneth Burrows £76/20kg, Sean McEldowney £75/19kg

FAT EWES: John Keenan £87, Allan Speer £85.50, Kenneth Burrows £85, Charles Beattie £85, John McGuinness £82, Allan Speer £80,£75, Terry McGinley £78.50, James Chivers £76, John Daly £75, Albert Irwin £74.50, Eamon McBrian £72