Excellent entry of stock at Pomeroy

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Another excellent entry of stock on Thursday sold to a demanding trade.

Prices as follows:


D McKernan £920/500kg, £900/540kg, Joseph McNamee £860/420kg, James Kelly £845/390kg, Cathal Doaghy £800/310kg, William Boyd £720/360kg, £700/320kg, £700/380kg, £700/360kg, James Kelly £705/340kg,Samuel Hawkes £700/350kg, £680/310kg, William Boyd £690/290kg, £680/330kg, £665/310kg, £665/360kg, £665/300kg, Daryl Gillespie £670/270kg, Samuel Hawkes £665/290kg, Cathal Donaghy £660/270kg, William Boyd £660/250kg,£635/280kg, £625/260kg, Ciaran Donnelly £645/300kg, William Boyd £625/260kg, £570/270kg, £540/210KG, £520/270kg, £505/290KG, Daryl Gillespie £560/280kg, £540/300kg.


D McKernan £920/520kg, £890/490kg, Joseph McNamee £770/420kg, £760/340kg, £690/330kg, Charles McNabb £700/340kg,£680/330kg, £670/310kg, £670/310kg, £670/300kg, £660/290kg, £640/340kg, £620/300kg, D McKernan £625/400kg, William Boyd £620/330kg, James McLaughlin £615/310kg, £610/330kg, £610/340kg, £600/370kg, £595/310kg.