Excellent trade for sheep at Lisahally

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An excellent trade for sheep on Tuesday. Fat lambs £78/28kg, stores up to £65.50 and fat ewes £94.50.

FAT LAMBS: S Quigley £78/28kg, Martin Quigley £76/28kg, Payne and Cooke £74.80/26kg, David O’Neill £74.50/26kg, Liam Bryson £74.50/25kg, Robert Quigley £74/26kg, Robert Lowry £74/28kg, Reid Clarke £73.50/27kg, Aidan McLaughlin £73.50/26kg, John Grant £73.50/26kg, Edward Logue £73/25kg, Robert Lowry £72.50/26kg, Payne and Cooke £72.50/24kg, G Christie £71.50/25kg, £71/27kg, Kathleen McKenna £71/26kg, Stephen McCay £70.80/23kg, Norman Thompson £70/25kg, Joseph Cunningham £69/23kg, Edward Quigley £68.80/23kg, John McHugh £68.50/23kg, Wilbert McConkey £67.80/23kg, Robert Blackburn £67.50/24kg, Brian McDevitt £66/23kg.

STORE LAMBS: Edward Quigley £65.50, Brian McDevitt £65.50, Owen McDevitt £65, Patrick O’Connor £65, Reginald Hamilton £64.50, W Patterson £63.50, T McDaid £63.50, John Grant £62, Stephen McCay £62, Nigel Quigley £60.20, Kevin McHugh £60, H Kelly £59, Liam Brolly £58.50, Stephen McCay £58.

FAT EWES: Liam Bryson £94.50, Brian McDevitt £89, Aidan McLaughlin £75, Wilbert McConkey £73.50.