Excellent trade with a great turnout of stock at Pomeroy

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A great turnout of stock on Thursday sold to an excellent trade.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Dermot Hackett £880/420kg, £870/440kg, George and Stephen Davidson £860/490kg, Thomas Hamill £855/410kg, Gareth Corcoran £850/430kg, £850/410kg, £815/390kg, £10/400kg, £765/340kg, George Mitchell £840/390kg, Gerard Haughey £725/310kg, £520/240kg, Michael Nugent £700/430kg, £700/420kg, Thomas Harkness £695/330kg.

HEIFERS: Brian Hackett £1150, O McDaid £950/490kg, Gerard Haughey £940/420kg, Dermot Hackett £905/400kg, Brian Hackett £860, Brendan McCrory £850/370kg, William and Lynne Todd £820/450kg, George Mitchell £810/420kg, Peter Allison £805/420kg, Dermot Hackett £800/430kg,£765/380kg, G McDonald £800/410kg, £775/440kg, B Harpur £780/390kg, Brendan McCrory £770/350kg, W and L Todd £755/410kg, George Mitchell £745/380kg.