Exceptional rise in sheep trade at Lisahally

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An exceptional rise in the sheep trade at this week’s sale. Fat lambs £87/29kg, stores £65 and fat ewes £87.50.

FAT LAMBS: Martin Quigley £87/29kg, £87/29kg, Seamus McCloskey £86/27kg, Leslie Robinson £85.50/27kg, David Devenney £85/28kg, Edward Logue £85/30kg, Robert Lowry £84/27kg, David Devenney £84/24kg, James Proctor £82.20/24kg, Edward Logue £82/25kg, Robert Lowry £79.50/24kg, William Irwin £78.2/24kg, Hillary Deery £77.50/23kg, James Proctor £77.20/22kg, Martin Doherty £77.20/23kg, Harry McGilligan £77/24kg, Alan McMurray £77/23kg, William Connell £75.50/24kg, James Proctor £75.20/22kg, David Smyth £74.80/22kg, Terence McCracken £74/22kg, Martin O’Connor £73.80/22kg, Alan Hunter £73.50/23kg, W Devine £71.20/22kg, William Allen £70.80/22kg, Derek McCrea £70/21kg, Edward Logue £65, David Smyth £64, William Sinclair £62.50, £60, W Devine £50, W Allan £50, Alan McMurry £40.

FAT EWES: Brian Johnston £87.50, Neill Donaghy £79.50, £75, Brian Cochrane £70, S Galbraith £64.