Exceptional trade sees bullocks sell to £1430 at Draperstown

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An exceptional trade last Friday as bullocks sold to £1430 followed by anther excellent trade for heifers as they topped £1280/480 and fat cows £1470.50/850kg.

BULLOCKS: Herbert Cowan £1430/780kg, £1425/760kg, £1415/750kg, £1350/720kg, Gerard McMullan £1410/20kg, £1290/660kg, Trevor Paul £1355/740kg, £1345/740kg, £1310/740kg, Thomas McKendry £1300/710kg, Richard Allen £1300/650kg, £1265/630kg, £1265/660kg, £1225/590kg, £1225/600kg, £1170/610kg, £1140/560kg, £1135/580kg, M O’Kane £1225/620kg, John Kelly £1215/680kg, Gary Arthur £1215/620kg, Robert Milligan £1210/650kg, £1195/710kg, £1175/660kg, S McLean £1185/760kg, Thomas McKendry £1170/650kg, Norman McAdoo £1150/600kg, S McLean £1150/690kg, £1120/670kg, John Kelly £1120/670kg, S McLean £1110/650kg, Gary Arthur £1105/540kg, Philip McGoldrick £1095/550kg, Ralph Pickering £1065/490kg.

HEIFERS: James Doris £1280/480kg, F and A Conway £1055/580kg, Dermot Nugent £1040/550kg, R and C Patrick £980/470kg, James Millar £970/500kg, Muriel Stewart £950/490KG, £915/510kg, Dermot Nugent £920/540kg, £890/460kg, £880/450kg, £845/460kg, Ralph Pickering £910/430kg, Anthony McCullagh £900/540kg, Edward Logue £885/450kg, Louise McKelvey £870/500kg, R and C Patrick £860//460kg, £830/420kg, John Logue £830/420kg, £830/410kg, Muriel Stewart £820/510kg, Ralph Pickering £820/420kg, Dermot Nugent £805/440kg.

FAT COWS: Christopher O’Kane £1470.50/850kg, Kenneth Brown £1080/750kg, Uel Pollock £064/760kg, Patrick McVeigh £1036.60/710kg, Nigel Jordan £1022.40/720kg, R and C Patrick £1001/700kg, Nigel Jordan £992/620kg, Louis and Michael O’Neill £986.40/720kg, Stephen Arbuthnot £975/750kg, Patrick McVeigh £897.60/680kg, John Lyle £843.20/680kg, £825/660kg, Nigel Jordan £838.20/660kg, Ann Walls £819/630kg, £88.40/660kg.

Great demand for calves on Tuesday as they topped £930.

WEANLING MALES: M Burke £930/400kg, £930/390kg, £900/460kg, £895/430kgm £865/430kg, £820/360kg, £810/350kg, £800/430kg, £790/350kg, £785/370kg, Helen Johnston £900/390kg, £870/380kg, £885/360kg, J McCloskey £900/380kg, John Boyle £890/370kg, £870/340kg, Hugh O’Hagan £870/360kg, £845/370kg, Malachy Canavan £855/380kg, Brian O’Neill £830/370kg, Francis Devlin £830/420kg, James Diamond £825/380kg, £780/370kg, £770/370kg, Helen Johnston £820/440kg, William Gamble £815/370kg, Brian O’Neill £815/400kg, Martin McGlone £800/360kg, H and M Lavery £800/400kg, Michael Doyle £80/340kg, Patrick McGuigan £800/330kg, High O’Hagan £800/390kg, Brian O’Neill £780/340kg.

WEANLING FEMALES: M Burke £875/390kg, £840/420kg, £840/330kg, £840/410kg, John Boyle £865/330kg, £800/350kg, £800/300kg, £770/340kg, £785/340kg, William Gamble £805/410kg, Brian O’Neill £795/420kg,Patrick McGuigan £780/340kg, £725/300kg, £710/300kg, £705/290kg, Liam McGuigan £775/410kg, Malachy Canavan £755/340kg, William Gamble £740/330kg, S Miller £740/320kg, £730/310kg, David McGarvey £690/320kg, £675/270kg, Patricia Devlin £690/350kg, Michael McNamee £635/280kg.