Exceptionally mild 24th January 2016

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The Armagh Observatory is reporting that Sunday 24th January 2016 was exceptionally mild.

The minimum temperature recorded during the night of 24/25 January was 12.6 degrees Celsius.

This was the warmest January night on record at Armagh, that is, since records of daily maximum and minimum temperatures began at Armagh in 1843.

The second and third warmest January nights at Armagh are now the nights of 10th January 1998 (12.0 C) and 3rd January 1932 (11.7 C).

The highest temperature recorded during the same day, namely 24th January, was 15.0 degrees Celsius.

This was also exceptionally mild, making this day the second warmest January day on record at Armagh.

The warmest January day at Armagh remains the 25th January 1847, which reached 15.7 C, and the third-warmest day is now the 26th January 2003 (at 14.7 C).

These data refer to observations at Armagh Observatory, which has been recording the weather at Armagh since 1795.