Experts from America to address INIB Conference

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Saturday, October 24,is the date of the INIB Annual Conference and Honey Show. This year the venue will once again be the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, Oxford Island, Lurgan.

2015 sees the return to the conference of Jennifer Berry, from the University of Georgia. As well as her academic job, she runs a honey bee queen and nuc production business, with the aim of supplying beekeepers with healthy bees.

Her lectures will combine her own practical experiences, together with her scientific research, in dealing with IPM for varroa and SHB control, queen breeding and investigating sub-lethal effects of miticides.

The second key note speaker is Dr Deborah Delaney from Delaware University. She has been described as one of the most important honey bee researchers, doing fundamental research on genetics and queen bee polyandry.

As well as maintaining over 100 colonies in her home apiary, which provided her with experience with honey marketing and hive products, she continued her research into effects of chemicals on honey bees. Prior to her appointment at Delaware, she worked with last year’s speaker Dr Dave Tarpy’s Laboratory, investigating honey bee population decline.

The third speaker at this year’s conference will be Jim Loughrey from Roe Valley Beekeepers. Jim shared with the late Sam Millar, the idea that the connection between the beekeeper and the honey bee was a sacred one. Sam encouraged Jim to write a paper on this theme, and Jim will be presenting this at the conference. His words will surely be a fitting tribute to Sam.

Debbie Delaney in the CANR apiary

Debbie Delaney in the CANR apiary

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