Fane Valley announces details of H.E.L.P Malawi charity project

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Fane Valley Group has announced details of a new three year charity partnership with Mulanje Mission Hospital and its surrounding community, called HELP Malawi.

The aim of the partnership is to empower and support the people of this disadvantaged area to deliver sustainable improvements to their lives through a number of initiatives focused on health, education and the adoption of more sustainable farming methods.

Fane Valley and its group staff aim to raise over £100,000 to support a range of projects including a pioneering high-quality vector control programme against malaria, the erection of new school buildings and teacher accommodation and establishing a co-operative approach to the growing and marketing of crops including the development of new solar irrigation systems.

On an initial visit to Mulanje, Malawi, Fane Valley management had the opportunity to visit and meet with the team at Mulanje Mission Hospital, local village leaders and farming families.

Speaking about his Malawi visit, Trevor Lockhart – Fane Valley Group, Chief Executive said: “Malawi is a country facing many challenges. But there are also real opportunities for companies like Fane Valley to make a positive difference. Improved health, education and more sustainable farming practices are the key to breaking through many of the barriers to progress.

“We were hugely impressed by the work being undertaken by Mulanje Mission Hospital serving a catchment area of 80,000 people across 72 villages. In addition to normal clinical healthcare provision they are extremely proactive in advancing education and sustainable farming activities. Fane Valley is therefore pleased to commit to the H.E.L.P Malawi partnership with Mulanje Mission Hospital in support of these potentially transformational projects.

“Not only through financial support, but we also believe that Fane Valley can share its knowledge and expertise in co-operative farming models to help rural communities in Malawi achieve greater things by working together. Indeed, so struck were we by our visit that in advance of the launch of H.E.L.P Malawi the Fane Valley Group contributed approximately £30,000 during 2018 in support of several projects. These included building two new purpose-built classrooms, seven new toilet blocks, 10 school garden programmes, six laptops for IT training and the drilling of a borehole in Tambala village.

“We have provided further support to an innovative life-saving project to combat the impact of malaria. The programme, called Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) involves the spraying of an insecticide on the inner walls of houses in rural villages. The resultant control of mosquitos has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of deaths due to malaria, particularly in children under five years of age. It is truly life-saving.”

Trevor continued: “Our aim now is to engage our wider group staff and customers through a planned series of visits and fundraising activities. This will generate interest, awareness and much needed funds to help us up-skill and train local farmers on sustainable methods, continue support for the hospital and schools and provide wider IRS application to homes. We are confident that H.E.L.P Malawi will have positive and long-lasting effects for the people of Malawi.”