Fane Valley reaches fundraising target

Pictured: (L-R) David Badington, Chief Executive, Action Mental Health and Trevor Lockhart, Chief Executive, Fane Valley
Pictured: (L-R) David Badington, Chief Executive, Action Mental Health and Trevor Lockhart, Chief Executive, Fane Valley

Fane Valley and its group of companies have successfully reached their fundraising target of £50,000.

The money raised will now be dedicated towards supporting and educating hundreds of 11-25 year olds across Northern Ireland on issues relating to mental health, incorporating physical and mental well-being in association with their outgoing charity partner, Action Mental Health.

With over 2000 employees across the group and operating multiple sites province-wide, Fane Valley have actively spent over a year raising funds and have invested thousands of pounds creating awareness and effectively communicating key messages through workshops and printed material to colleagues, customers, farmers, and partner schools about the importance of physical and mental well-being, challenging the stigma of mental health and promoting personal resilience. Recently the farming cooperative hosted a prestigious gala ball event in honour of the local mental health charity.

Speaking at the presentation, Trevor Lockhart, Fane Valley, chief Executive said: “When we reflect on our partnership with Action Mental Health, we will look back on the very real and tangible progress made by empowering and embedding skills for dealing with stress and mental distress in the workplace, at home, in school and on the farm.

“We are extremely pleased to be making this contribution on behalf of the wider group to such a humble charity, specifically focused on supporting the AMH MensSana ‘Provoking Thought’ programme - workshops targeting 11-25 year olds, delivered in schools, youth clubs and community groups. The workshops will be designed to explore issues and facilitate discussion around all aspects of mental health and emotional wellbeing.

“Against this backdrop and acknowledging that half of mental health problems start before the age of 14, we at Fane Valley were motivated to take action. Our aim was simple; engage staff, raise sufficient funds, increase awareness and educate all stakeholders and most importantly, help the next generation cope with stress, highlighting the misconceptions associated with mental health. I believe we have successfully delivered on these objectives and have taken responsibility on an issue that for a long time was not part of the conversation – that is mental health,” concluded Trevor.

Receiving the cheque on behalf of Action Mental Health, Chief Executive, David Badington remarked: “I would just like to acknowledge how much Fane Valley’s staff and management have supported AMH throughout this fantastic partnership. The fundraising has been tremendous, but the partnership has been about so much more, with Fane Valley staff receiving Mental Health Awareness training and helping us raise our profile and awareness of mental health with all their farmers, shareholders and suppliers across Northern Ireland.

“Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to making this such a special and successful partnership for both organisations.”