Fantastic trade at Rathfriland Co-Op, Limousin bulls selling to £1,080

Rathfriland Co-Op
Rathfriland Co-Op

There was a terrific trade for all classes of cattle on Friday (May 31).

198 dropped calves and weanlings sold in one of the best trades his spring.

A Derryogue farmer sold two Limousin bulls at £1,080 and £960.

A Cabra farmer reached £1,005 for a Hereford bull.

Weanling heifers cleared up to £905 for a 386k Limousin from Annalong.

The weanling heifers cleared up to £905 for a 386k Limousin from Annalong.

The weanlings easily cleared up to 282p/k for a 298k Charolais at £840 from Mayobridge.

The dropped calves sold to £490 for an Aberdeen Angus bull from Begney.

Blue bulls from Dromore sold to £425.

A Belfast farmer sold a Limousin heifer at £400 and a Charolais heifer at £395.

Fat cows are more plentiful selling to £850 for 600k and £800 for 654k.

Store heifers cleared up to £1,040 for a 610k Hereford from Castlewellan.

Bullock trade was excellent.

A Tassagh farmer sold a 526k Aberdeen Angus at £1,010.

Holstein bullocks excelled in price to £850 for 570k and 600k at £845 from Upper Leitrim.


Begney farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £490. Dromore farmer: Blue bull £425, £390 and £320. Belfast farmer: Limousin heifer £400, Charolais heifer £395. Cascum farmer: Blue bull £425, Simmental £320. Clontifleece farmer: Simmental bull £320. Upper Crossgar farmer: Pen of Aberdeen Angus £310, £305, £290, £290 and £240. Loughbrickland farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £300. Gilford farmer: Blue heifer £300.


Derryogue farmer: 554k at £1,080, 504k at £965. Cabra farmer: 492k at £1,005. Annalong farmer: 456k at £960, 458k at £950, 386k at £905, 392k at £880. Downpatrick farmer: 440k at £890, 400k at £830. Mayobridge farmer: 298k at £840, 348k at £940. Hilltown farmer: 376k at £880, 384k at £805. Gransha farmer: 380k at £870. Annalong farmer: 396k at £860, 348k at £745, 362k at £725. Aughnaskeagh farmer: 234k at £555 and 268k at £570.


Dromara farmer: 600k at £850. Castlewellan farmer: 654k at £800. Katesbridge farmer: 658k at £795. Drumarkin farmer: 688k at £780. Banbridge farmer: 584k at £695. Rathfriland farmer: 550k at £680. Ballyward farmer: 536k at £640. Castlewellan farmer: 576k at £605 etc.


Clanvanaghan farmer: 610k at £1,040, 620k at £1,000, 550k at £960, 530k at £950. Drumarkin farmer: 518k at £975, 518k at £950, 474k at £870. Bryansford farmer: 376k at £780. Castlewellan farmer: 446k at £880, 476k at £900. Portadown farmer: 456k at £875, 422k at £795.


Tassagh farmer: 526k at £1,010. Ballynafern farmer: 540k at £975, 530k at £955, 525k at £945. Sommerville Farms: 522k at £980, 484k at £900, 368k at £700. Rathfriland farmer: 448k at £935.

FRIESIAN BULLOCKS: 668k at £915, 604k at £845, 542k at £840, 570k at £850, 538k at £800, 506k at £790, 502k at £770, 466k at £670 etc.

A big increase in numbers and higher prices all round on Tuesday evening.

Over 500 lambs sold to 429p/k for 19k at £81.50 from Ballykinlar.

Quite a few lots sold at over 420p/k eg, 21k from Loughorne at £89.

A top of £95 was paid twice for 22.5k from Dromore and 23.5k from Newry.

Over 200 fat ewes sold to £110 from a Rathfriland farmer.


Dromore farmer: 22.5k at £95. Newry farmer: 23.5k at £95. Tandragee farmer: 23.7k at £93.50. Ballyward farmer: 24.8k at £93. Castlewellan farmer: 22.9k at £93. Lissize farmer: 24k at £92.50. Dromore farmer: 22.4k at £92.50. Ballinaskeagh farmer: 24.7k at £92.50. Ardglass farmer: 22.5k at £92. Ballykinlar farmer: 19k at £81.50. Loughorne farmer: 21k at £89. Kilcoo farmer: 21.4k at £90.50. Katesbridge farmer: 20.8k at £88. Hilltown farmer: 20.6k at £87. Dromore farmer: 22.5k at £90. Turmore farmer: 20.6k at £87.


Rathfriland farmer: 3 at £110. Drumarkin farmer: 3 at £94. Ardarragh farmer: 2 at £93. Kilkeel farmer: 2 at £85 and 7 at £83. Legananny farmer: 2 at £85. Poyntzpass farmer: 7 at £83.