Fantastic trade for all types of sheep at Armoy

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The bad weather conditions last Wednesday night meant a smaller show of just over 400 head were on offer.

Trade was fantastic for all types of sheep with fat ewes selling to £123, fat hoggets to £104 and breeding ewes topped at £172.

FAT EWES: Sandra Hunter, Bushmills, Suff, £123. E McCarry, Loughguile, Texels, £106. Chas Knox, Ballymoney, Texels, £105. R and M Milliken, Armoy, Texels, £104. Pat Kane, Bushmills, Suffolks, £100. Dan McAlister, Ballycastle, Suff, £102.50. M Kearney, Ballymoney, Suff, £100. Jas Newell, Ballymoney, c/bs £106. J G Cassley, Armoy, c/bs £99.00. M Kearney, Ballymoney, Suff, £100. Sandra Hunter, Bushmills, Chev, £84.00. M M Kelly, Ballycastle, c/bs £82.00. Trevor Hanna, Ballymoney, Suff, £94.00. Jas McAuley, Cushendall, c/bs £80.00. S Collins, Ballymena, Texels, £84.00.

HOGGETS: Philip Laverty, Armoy, 30kgs £104. G McCloskey, Loughguile, 24kgs £97.00. J and J Ferguson, Bushmills, 23kgs £93.00. Dan McCann, Martinstown, 26kgs £91.00. J Christie and Son, Ballintoy, 23kgs 390.00.

BREEDING EWES: John Campbell, Ballybogey, 3 ewes, 6 lambs, £172, 1 ewe, 2 lambs, £168. Sarah McAuley, Cushendall, 1 ewe, 2 lambs, £152, 1 ewe, 2 lambs, £150. Eamon McKeegan, Cushendall, 1 ewe, 2 lambs, £152. J Campbell, Ballymoney, 3 ewes, 5 lambs, £142. P McKeown, Martinstown, b/m ewes, 2 lambs, £106.

Sale every Wednesday night at 7pm.