Farm gate price crisis open meeting

Pictured (l-r)  Michael Clark, NIAPA and William Taylor, FFA
Pictured (l-r) Michael Clark, NIAPA and William Taylor, FFA

Next Tuesday night’s open farm gate price crisis meeting will include an explanation of the blue print for rural Northern Ireland proposed by the hosting Groups, Northern Ireland Agricultural Producers Association and Farmers for Action,

The groups believe that if put into legislation by Stormont this blueprint would return Northern Ireland farmers a minimum of the cost of production plus a margin inflation linked across the staples and turn Northern Ireland from austerity and crisis to prudent prosperity.

The open crisis meeting will take place this Tuesday night (27th) at 8pm. Farmers, their families, rural businesses and all those concerned with the rural farm gate price crisis across Northern Ireland are invited to the Open Meeting in the Glenavon Hotel, Cookstown.

Politicians across the political spectrum are invited. One politician from each political party including Independents have been invited to come along and give their views on beef, cereals, lamb, milk, pigs, potatoes, poultry and vegetables initially, after which the audience will have their say with a question and answer session.