Farmer fined for transporting unfit animal

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A Portglenone farmer has been fined on a charge of transporting a cow which wasn’t fit for the journey.

Samuel David Gillespie, of Ballynafie Road, Portglenone, Ballymena was convicted at Omagh Magistrates’ Court on 9 September 2016 of one charge of transporting an animal that was not fit for the journey.

He was fined £500 plus a £15 offender levy.

The case arose when an Official Veterinary Surgeon (OVS) at an abattoir examined a cow presented by Gillepsie. The cow was lying in a trailer when it was seen by the OVS and, in the opinion of the OVS, was extremely distressed.

The cow died before the OVS had an opportunity to euthanise it.