Farmers attend feed and finance course

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Co Armagh farmers are pictured with host farmer Seamus Lappin and Michael Garvey, CAFRE Development Adviser at a recent Feed and Finance Training Course.

The Lappin cows are managed as a single group. They graze during the day and are housed and fed silage and concentrate blend after the evening milking. Concentrates are topped up in the parlour at each milking. Seamus uses a simple system to target meal feeding and achieve excellent feed efficiency. Coloured tail tapes and milk recording are used to identify cows for a set amount of concentrate feeding, based on milk yield and stage of lactation. Average production for the milking group is 29 kilos, with individual cows producing in excess of 50 kilos of milk. This winter Seamus plans to take M+8 kilos of milk from his silage. He will monitor production, meal feeding and efficiency on a monthly basis.

Jason McFerran, Senior Business Technologist, CAFRE Greenmount Campus urged those farmers attending to complete a 12 month cashflow forecast. A cashflow will highlight the months where income does not cover expenditure and gives a good indication of the year ahead when discussing your overdraft limit with your bank. It provides a means of forward planning the payment of the various bills and farmers using a cashflow comment that they feel more in control and can plan accordingly.

A Cashflow Template is available on under CAFRE Business Tools .

For further information on becoming involved in CAFRE Feed and Finance training in your area, contact your local Dairying Development Adviser.