‘Farmers Milk’ hailed as a big leap forward - UFU

Ivor Ferguson
Ivor Ferguson

UFU deputy president Ivor Ferguson has hailed the introduction of Dale Farm/Asda’s ‘Farmers Milk’ as a big leap forward for farmers in Northern Ireland.

Mr Ferguson stated: “The launch of Dale Farm’s ‘Farmers’ Milk’ in Asda will provide a welcome boost to local dairy farmers, as they enter the winter months when the cost of production is at its highest. ASDA’s decision to commit to offering two litres of milk with 25 pence added to the price, all of which will be returned to farmers through Dale Farm, is a big leap forward in recognising the true value of local dairy products.”

The UFU deputy president added that farmers have struggled for almost two years, producing milk below the cost of production.

“This makes it all the more encouraging to see consumers being given the option to pay more, on the basis that the extra money goes back to farmers,” he added.