Farmers prepare for colder weather

Seamus Kane clips his cattle for winter
Seamus Kane clips his cattle for winter

The penultimate episode of Rare Breed – A Farming Year takes a look back at November 2014 when the farmers make necessary preparations for the colder weather on Monday 16 March at 8pm on UTV.

In Antrim, Seamus Kane prepares his cattle to move indoors for the winter months as he trims the cow’s hair. Meanwhile with the weather against him, Donegal potato farmer Jamie Rankin is three weeks behind schedule with his harvest and works frantically to get the job finished.

It is also the end of the beef cattle buying season for Galway farmer Richard Bourns. Elsewhere on the farm, his wife Deirdre over-sees the training of new horses.

In Wexford, John Greene journeys to Holland to buy strawberry plants for the following year’s crop while Sarah Furno and Pat Morrissey in Tipperary make cheese to export to America and Australia for the following year’s St Patrick’s Day.

Vegetable farmer Colm Grimes battles against the unrelenting wet weather to harvest cauliflower in Skerries. Pig farmer Toby Couchman welcomes his new arrivals and selects which pigs will produce quality meat for the Christmas season.

Finally in County Kildare, Martin Kelleher begins the harvest of Christmas Trees ahead of the festive season.