Farmers urged to complete forms in time

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Last week DARD issued letters and application forms to over 7,500 farmers advising them of the Transitional Payment to Disadvantaged Area (TPDA) Scheme.

Early indications show that in 35% application forms returned to date farmers are failing to declare whether or not they have received de minimis aid in the previous three fiscal years.

DARD will be unable to process claims without this declaration therefore it is imperative that farmers fully complete claim forms before submitting.

Claim forms will be returned if this information is missing and farmers will be requested to provide this.

Farmers are further reminded that if they have indicated that they have received de minimis aid they must provide details of all such aid received, not only aid received from DARD.

The TPDA is a one-off payment designed to ease the transition, for farmers with land in the disadvantaged area, from the Less Favoured Areas Compensatory Allowance Scheme to the new Areas of Natural Constraints Scheme (ANC). The Scheme is open to all those who have claimed and are eligible for a payment for Disadvantaged Area land under the LFACA 2015 scheme.

Claims will not be accepted beyond 13 March 2015, this includes those claims which have been returned to the farmers who failed to provide declaration on their original claim.

Claims can be returned to Orchard House, the full address is provided on the claim form. DARD Direct Offices will also accept forms and transfer these to Orchard House on the applicant’s behalf.

DARD is scheduled to make TPDA payments in June 2015 at a flat rate of £14.40 per hectare.