Fat cows sell to £1055 at Rathfriland Co-Op

Rathfriland Co-Op
Rathfriland Co-Op

Cattle trade remained steady on Friday with good weanlings selling to 245p/k for a 288k Charolais male at £705 from Kilkeel.

Quite a few good weanlings sold at over £2.00 per kilo.

Some great store heifers saw a Newtownhamilton farmer sell 5 Charolais at £770 for 346k or 222.5p/k to average 206p/k.

A Kilkeel farmer sold a 426k Aberdeen Angus at £850.

A large entry of bullocks sold to £1190 for an OTM Aberdeen Angus.

25% of the bullocks sold at over £1000 each.

Suckler heifers with calves at foot sold to £1210 from Rathfriland.

A good entry of fat cows sold to £1055 for a 720k Limousin from Dromara.

Dropped calf numbers eased on the week.

Two Limousin heifers from Dromore sold at £340 each.


Dromore farmer: £340 twice. Seafin farmer: Limousin bull £305. Ringsend farmer: Fleckvieh bulls £290, £285, £265. Ballyward farmer: £265 and £210. Belfast farmer: £265, £225, £180 etc.


Kilkeel farmer: 288k at £705 or 245p/k, 284k at £650 or 229p/k, 258k at £570 or 221p/k, 190k at £410 or 216p/k, 332k at £705 or 212p/k. Banbridge farmer: 300k at £700, 348k at £700, 338k at £750, 364k at £710 etc. Cabra farmer: 284k at £650. Edenagarry farmer: 416k at £820, 334k at £720, 336k at £725, 354k at £760, 308k at £650.


Legananny farmer: 624k at £1080. Dromara farmer: 618k at £1080, 498k at £910, 540k at £900. Ballyward farmer: 600k at £970, 616k at £920. Newtownhamilton farmer: 346k at £770, 368k at £770, 370k at £750, 344k at £690, 350k at £690. Dromore farmer: 346k at £735.


Dromara farmer: 720k at £1055, 628k at £1005. Carnew farmer: 768k at £990. Dromara farmer: 662k at £800. Kilkeel farmer: 686k at £765 and 518k at £600. Corbally farmer: 642k at £705 and 688k at £635 etc.


Moybrick farmer: 722k OTM at £1190, 684k at £1125, 680k at £1105, 606k at £1080, 682k at £1065, 658k at £1025. Ballymartin farmer: 640k at £1105. Ballyward farmer: 644k at £1085. Dromore farmer: 548k at £1020. Ballymartin farmer: 640k at £1105.

Tuesday evening’s sheep sale contained more store lambs.

These sold to 388p/k for 13.4k at £52 from a Kilkeel farm.

Altnadue farmer: 13k at £49 or 377p/k.

Kilkeel farmer: 14k at £52 or 371p/k and 16.6k at £60.

Camlough farmer: 12.6k at £44.

Hillsborough farmer: 17k at £59.

Dromara farmer: 22.9k at £74.

Edenagarry farmer: 25.4k at £71.50.

Ballinaskeagh farmer: 26.3k at £71.50.

Dromara farmer: 27.7k at £71.

Dromore farmer: 24k at £70.

Kilcoo farmer: 24.2k at £70.


Mayobridge farmer: £72 and £71.

Hillsborough farmer: £70.

Katesbridge farmer: £70.