Fat cows sold to a top of £1497 at Saintfield Mart

Saintfield Mart
Saintfield Mart

A seasonal show of cattle at Wednesday’s sale with a brisk trade throughout and strong demand in all sections.

FAT COWS: Sold to a top of £1497 for 760kg Charolais £197.

Leading prices: Loughinisland producer Charolais 760kg £197 £1497, Millisle producer Saler 740kg £168 £1243, Aberdeen Angus 770kg £145 £1116, Saintfield producer Hereford 710kg £175 £1242, Comber producer Simmental 710kg £170 £1207, Simmental 630Kg £166 £1045, Ballygowan producer Limousin 730kg £136 £992 and Bangor producer Limousin 760Kg £130 £988.

BEEF BULLOCKS: Sold to a top of £1245 for 720kg Simmental £173.

Leading prices: Comber producer Simmental 720kg £173 £1245, Simmental 750kg £159 £1192, Aberdeen Angus 730kg £159 £1160 and Carryduff producer Hereford 890kg £123 £1094.

Beef bulls sold to a top of £1380 for 1180kg Hereford £117.

HEIFERS: Sold to a top of £1085 for 560Kg Charolais.

Leading prices: Ballynahinch producer Charolais 560kg £1085, Charolais 500kg £940, Charolais 400kg £855, Donaghadee producer Aberdeen Angus 580kg £1070, Aberdeen Angus 600kg £1000, Belgian Blue 560kg £955, Lisburn producer British Blue 580kg £1020, British Blue 570kg £980 and Downpatrick producer Belgian Blue 540kg £880.

BULLOCKS: Sold to a top of £1320 for 730kg Hereford.

Leading prices: Comber producer Hereford 730kg £1320, Simmental 660kg £1150, Aberdeen Angus 630kg £1140, Hereford 610kg £1030, Donaghadee producer Aberdeen Angus 640kg £1160, Ballywalter producer Friesian 640kg £1100, Hillsborough producer Limousin 500kg £1040, Charolais 500kg £1020, Limousin 470kg £985, Charolais 500Kg £980, Ballynahinch producer Charolais 480kg £925, Belgian Blue 450kg £880, Annsborough producer Aberdeen Angus 510kg £905 and Newtownabbey producer Limousin 450kg £885.

SUCKLED CALVES: Sold to a top of £750 for 370kg Aberdeen Angus bull calf and £665 for 350Kg Limousin heifer calf.

DROPPED CALVES: Sold to a top of £340 for Belgian Blue bull calf and £290 for Belgian Blue heifer calf.