Fat lambs remain a steady trade at Gortin

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Another large entry on Monday at Gortin. Fat Lambs remain a steady trade selling to £78, Store Lambs £68 and Fat Ewes £82.

FAT LAMBS: S Moore £78/26kg, £77.50/26kg, Sean Daly £75.50/25kg, John Doherty £75.20/27KG, Andrew Blair £75/28kg, Richard Doherty £74.80/26kg, Charles Caldwell £74.50/8kg, John Warnock £74/24kg, John Convery £74/28kg, Seamus Cullinan £74/26kg,Robet McPhillimy £73.50/25kg, R Moore £73/24kg, John Doherty £72.20/24kg, W McLaughlin £72/26KG, Howard McFarland £71.80/24kg, R Wilson £71.50/23kg, Glenn Cuddy £71.20/23kg.

STORE LAMBS: M Pickens £68, Bill Adair £67.50, L Daly £67, A McDonald £67, R Law £67, John Lowe £66.50, A Bowden £66.50, Maurice Breen £66, S Kelly £65.50, S Lindsay £65, John Lowe £65, £64.50, Bill Adair £64, Seamus Kelly £63.

FAT EWES: Patrick Kelly £82, John McBride £81, John Adair £80, William Gilchrist £78, M Quinn £78, Robert Rutledge £73, £72, Sean Daly £72, Samuel McCullagh £71.50, £71, R Rutledge £70, J McBride £70, £67.