Fat lambs sell to £73.50 and fat ewes to £82 at Downpatrick

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At the weekly sheep sale on Saturday 28th November, fat lambs sold to £73.50 and fat ewes to £82.00.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

FAT LAMBS: Drumnaquoile farmer 26.8kg £73.50, Downpatrick farmer 27kg £73.00, Strangford farmer 32kg £73.00, Ardglass farmer 24kg £72.00, Downpatrick farmer 25kg £74.00, Ballycruttle farmer 26g £70.50, Clough farmer 24kg £70.00, Crossgar farmer 24kg £66.00 and 21kg £60.00, Downpatrick farmer 20kg £59.00, Annalong farmer 19kg £53.00, Downpatrick farmer 17kg £52.00, Crossgar farmer 17.5kg £49.00 and Downpatrick farmer 19kg £44.50.

FAT EWES: Ballynoe farmer £82, Newcastle farmer £51, Ballycruttle farmer £42 and Crossgar farmer £42.

At the now fortnightly cattle sale on Monday night 30th November 2015, there was a good entry of quality store cattle. A Downpatrick farmer toped the sale with a CH bullock at 342kg £629(1.84ppk). In the heavy weight bullock’s category, a Castlewellan farmer presented a LIM at 524kg £875 (1.67ppk). Leading prices in all categories as follows:

BULLOCKS: Downpatrick farmer 342kg CH £629 (1.84ppk) Annalong farmer HER 488kg £830, (1.70ppk), Downpatrick farmer 338kg CH £570 (1.69ppk), Burrenreagh farmer 258kg HER £436 (1.69ppk), Newcastle farmer 524kg LIM £875 (1.67ppk), Ballybannon farmer 606kg LIM £995 (1.64ppk), Castlewellan farmer 524kg CH £860 (1.64ppk), Castlewellan farmer 530kg LIM £865 (1.63ppk), Downpatrick farmer 326kg CH £530 (1.63ppk), Castlewellan farmer 564kg LIM £915 (1.62ppk), Drumee farmer 562kg LIM £905 (1.61ppk), Castlewellan farmer 638kg SIM £966 (1.51ppk) and 384kg CH £575 (1.50ppk), Castlewellan farmer 444kg HER £650 (1.47ppk) and Ballynoe farmer 418kg CH £600 (1.44ppk) and Burrenreagh farmer 306kg HER £430 (1.41ppk).

HEIFERS: Ballynoe farmer 256kg CH £440 (1.72ppk), Castlescreen farmer 546kg DAQ £920 (1.685ppk), Downpatrick farmer 262kg CH £440 (1.68ppk), Conianstown farmer 536kg BB £885 (1.65ppk), Ballynoe farmer 324kg CH £530 (1.64ppk) and 318 kg CH £505 (1.59ppk) and 530kg CH £840 (1.59ppk) and Ballynahinch farmer 264kg LIM £410 (1.55ppk).