Fat lambs sell to £82 and fat ewes to £96 at Armoy Mart

Armoy Mart
Armoy Mart

An excellent show of 1,484 sheep were on offer at Armoy Mart last Wednesday night.

Fat lambs sold to £82.00, fat ewes to £96.00.

The first good offering of store lambs met with a sharp trade selling to a top price of £68.50.



Peter Thompson, Bushmills, 30kgs, £82.00. Nigel McClure, Ballymoney, 25kgs, £80.50. John Thompson, Bushmills, 24kgs, £80.00. John Elliott, 25kg, £80.00. Jas Anderson, Bushmills, 24kgs, £79.80. V McNeill, Ballycastle, 24kgs, £79.00. M Donnelly, Ballycastle, 24kg, £80.00. Jas McAuley, Bushmills, 23kgs, £78.20. W Hanna, Ballymoney, 23kgs, 376.00.


Nigel McClure, Ballymoney, 13 Charollais, £68.50. Pat McCarry, Ballyvoy, 45 Texel, £65.50. Ronnie Duncan, Ballycastle, 66 Suffolk, £64.50. Sean Kelly, Ballycastle, 63 Suffolk, £63.50. G and P Emerson, Cushendall, 54 Suffolk, £64.00. Pat McCarry, Ballyvoy, 45 Texel, £65.00. M M Kelly, Ballycastle, 50 Suffolk, £63.20. Robt Boyd, Cloughmills, 72 Texel, £64.50. Cahal McAuley, Cushendall, 27 Cheviot, £62.50. A and S P McCarry, Loughguile, 25 mule, £63.00. Sean Kelly, Ballycastle, 32 crossbreds £57.00.


Nigel McClure, Ballymoney, Charolais, £96.00. Jas Kirkpatrick, Ballymoney, Suffolk, £93.00. David O’Neill, Dervock, Dorsets, £91.00. A and S P McCarry, Loughguile, Dorsets, £94.00. Dan McAlister, Cushendall, crossbreds 385.00. W Hanna, Ballymoney, Suffolk, £83.50. Eamon McCarry, Loughguile, Texel, £84.50. William Moore, Macosquin, Blackfaces £88.00.

Sale every Wednesday night at 7.00pm sharp.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.