Fat lambs sell to £85 at Gortin Mart

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An excellent entry of stock sold to great demand.

Fat lambs sell to £85, store lambs £74, fat ewes £100, breeding ewes £120 and breeding rams 500gns.

FAT LAMBS: Preston Farms £85/27kg, Ronald Scott £83/25kg, Kieran Kearny £83/25kg, Mary Patterson £82/24kg, Austin McCullagh £81.50/25kg, Edna Cartwight £80.50/25kg, Kenneth Johnston £80/25kg, Robert Sproule £79/23kg, William McFarland £79/23kg, Kieran Fox £77.50/23kg, Ray Wilson £77.50/23kg, A and J Hetherington £75/22kg, S Porter £74.50/23kg, Rathkelly Farms £73/22kg, Aubrey McKelvey £72.50/22kg, Alan Cawford £72/22kg, Patrick Flanagan £72/22kg, Joseph Whiteside £71/22kg, esley Beacom £71/22kg, David Black £70/23kg.

STORE LAMBS: John Lowe £74, £70, Preston Farms £76, £70, James McGarvey £74, Brendan McCrystal £63, Alan Crawford £62, Barry McCullagh £6, Kieran Fox £61, S Loughlin £50.

FAT EWES: S and P Kerlin £100, J A Hempton £91, £88, £85, £82, £80, £79, £78, £75, S Carson £80, Robert Patterson £80, S Carson £80, Martin Doherty £73, James Buchanan £72, Peter Keenan £62.

BREEDING RAMS: Charles Boyd 500gns, 310gns, Seamus McBride 220gns,150gns, Ivor Wilson 210gns, Drew Baxter 200gns,150gns, John McCullagh 190gns, Derek Kerr 175gns,170gns, Ivor Wilson 170gns, J A Hempton 150gns, J A McGrath 100gns.