Fat lambs sell to £94 Hilltown Mart

Hilltown Mart
Hilltown Mart

Fat lambs sold to £94 at Hilltown Mart.

Fat ewes sold to £100 and ewes and lambs to sold £188.

Fat lambs: Hilltown farmers £94 for 25kg (376ppk), £92.50 for 22.5kg (400ppk), £87 for 21.5kg (388ppk), £86.50 for 21kg (411ppk), £83.50 for 21kg (397ppk), £79 for 19kg (413ppk). Mayobridge farmer £93 for 25kg (372ppk), £90 for 22kg (409ppk). Kilkeel farmer £89 for 22kg (404ppk), £87.50 for 22.5kg (388ppk). Kilcoo farmer £86 for 21kg (409ppk). Drumgath farmer £85.50 for 20.5kg (409ppk). Rathfriland farmer £84 for 20.5kg (409ppk). Newry farmer £83 for 20kg (415ppk). Cabra farmer £81.50 for 20.5kg (397ppk).

Fat ewes: Kilkeel farmer £100, £80. Hilltown farmers £88.50, £85, £81. Banbridge farmer £87.50. Attical farmer £79.50. Mayobridge farmer £77.

Ewes and lambs: Attical farmer £188, £186, £170, £150. Castlewellan farmer £100.

Fat cows sold to £1,360 at Hilltown Mart.

Cow with strong calf sold to £1,920, heifers sold to £1,190 and Bullocks sold to £1,160.

Fat cows: Warrenpoint farmer £1,360 for 768kg (177ppk). Rathfriland farmer £1,085 for 768kg (141ppk). Kilcoo farmer £900 for 650kg (138ppk), £850 for 494kg (172ppk). Mayobridge farmer £860 for 602kg (142ppk). Hilltown farmer £840 for 636kg (132ppk), £755 for 690kg (109ppk). Rathfriland farmer £740 for 626kg (118ppk).

Cow and calves: Cabra farmer, cow and male calf, £1,920, cow and male calf, £1,680. Dromore farmer, cow and male calf, £1,410. Warrenpoint farmer, cow and male calf, £1,170. Castlewellan farmer, cow and heifer calf, £1,140. Ballymartin farmer, cow and heifer calf, £1,050.

Weanling heifers: Castlewellan farmer, £950 for 428kg (222ppk), £855 for 450kg (190ppk), £840 for 454kg (185ppk), £830 for 370kg (224ppk). Attical farmer, £880 for 480kg (183ppk). Kilcoo farmer, £880 for 446kg (197ppk). Cabra farmer, £780 for 316kg (246ppk) and £770 for 332kg (231ppk).

Heifers: Attical farmer, £1,190 for 610kg (195ppk), £1,160 for 612kg (189ppk), £1,025 for 502kg (204ppk), £940 for 630kg (149ppk). Loughgilly farmer, £1,100 for 600kg (183ppk), £1,035 for 524kg (197ppk), £1,000 for 516kg (193ppk), £960 for 520kg (184ppk), £930 for 530kg (175ppk), £885 for 532kg (166ppk), £860 for 358kg (240ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £930 for 566kg (164ppk) and £770 for 398kg (193ppk).

Weanling bullocks: Warrenpoint farmer, £960 for 394kg (243ppk), £910 for 370kg (245ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £900 for 382kg (236ppk), £890 for 434kg (205ppk). Castlewellan farmer, £880 for 352kg (250ppk), £875 for 430kg (203ppk). Ballyholland farmer, £830 for 356kg (233ppk). Cabra farmer, £820 for 332kg (247ppk).

Bullocks: Castlewellan farmer, £1,160 for 578kg (200ppk), £1,135 for 548kg (207ppk), £1,030 for 582kg (177ppk). Mayobridge farmer, £1,080 for 600kg (180ppk), £1,055 for 560kg (188ppk), £1,020 for 630kg (161ppk). Ballynahinch farmer, £1,020 for 630kg (161ppk), £1,010 for 504kg (200ppk), £980 for 488kg (200ppk) and £960 for 414kg (213ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £975 for 444kg (219ppk).