Fat lambs sell up to £76.20/26kg at Lisahally

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Fat lambs sold up to £76.20/26kg, store lambs £66 and fat ewes £74 in Tuesday’s sale. More fat lambs required next Tuesday to meet Christmas demands.

FAT LAMBS: William Thompson £76.20/26kg, E Daly £76/25kg, R Olphert £75/28kg, Reid Clarke £73.50/25kg, Fergal Gormley £73.50/21kg, R Olphert £71/24kg, Elizabeth Tosh £69.50/23kg, Liam Devine £68/23kg, A and B Douglas £66/21kg.

STORE LAMBS: Reginald Hamilton £66, Olsen Allen £64, William Allen £61.80, Boyd Kane £61, Andrew McCloskey £60, £59 C Brown £60, Owen McDevitte £60, R Olphert £59.50, Reginald Hamilton £59Irwin Dougherty £59.

FAT EWES: Martin Doherty £74, John Grant £73.50, David Swann £72, David Hamilton £69,£58 William Orr £68, Reginald Hamilton £60, Moore Farms £60, £59.