Fat lambs sell up to £93 at Gortin

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Another excellent entry of stock. Fat lambs sell up to £93.

LAMBS: S Farrell £93/22kg, £89/22kg, 87/21kg, £76.20/23kg, Raymond Boyd £77/26kg, K and G Pinkerton £75.80/2kg, M Loughlin £75.50/22kg, John McConnell £75.50/21kg, D McKenna £75/24kg, N Jackson £75/23kg, Ronald Scott £74.80/21kg, Michael Kerr £73.50/22kg, Enda Cartright £73/21kg, Raymond Boyd £76.50/26kg, Martin Brennan £72.50/20kg, Ashley McKelvey £72/22kg, James Chives £72/20kg, Aubrey McKelvey £72/21kg, Raymond Boyd £71.50/20kg, £71.20/21kg.

FAT EWES: John Young £88, D Mullan £87, £85, Francis McClean £77,C Smyth £77, Colm McCullagh £76, James Chivers £75, Enda Cartwright £68, K and G Pinkerton £68, Michael Kerr £65.

EWES & LAMBS: David Love £188, £185, £180, £165, 152, £152, £138, £122, £110, John McConnell £18, £175.