Feeding and bedding in the spotlight at Henry Porter Tractors’ open day

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Feeding and bedding will be in the spotlight as Henry Porter Tractors hosts an open day on Wednesday, September 16 from noon to 9pm.

Based at 46 St James’ Road, Hillsborough, Henry Porter Tractors stocks a wide range of machinery which can assist farmers with the tasks of feeding and animal bedding.

Henry Porter explained: “This is an excellent opportunity for farmers to take stock of their feeding and bedding needs and get everything in order ahead of the winter period.

“We have a full range of machinery available to meet the needs of farmers no matter what their requirements.

“We look forward to seeing everyone at the open day,” he added.


Strautmann Tub Feeders bring together more than 20 years of experience with the very latest fodder mixing technology.

Strautmann Vertimix gives you excellent mixing quality. Remember, optimum nutrition = maximum milk yield; Lower HP requirement means diesel consumption is reduced; flexibility gives farmers the possibility to increase capacity on individual designs; and reliability, as they are made from high grade German steel (20mm floor, 8mm walls). They are available in a range of capacities, from 5.0m3 - 30.5m3, with single or double auger options.

n Strautmann Vertimix feeders are designed to suit all sizes of farms.

For example, one of the features of the 5.0m3 feeder is its compact 6ft width which is ideal for narrower passageways.

Due to the patented knife adjustment system, the Vario mixing auger can be perfectly adapted to your specific conditions of use. The robust and low maintenance angular gear box ensures long service life even under challenging conditions.

Not only will Strautmann products feature at the open day but company representatives will be on hand to answer any questions.


Bobman cubicle cleaner and bedder offers scraping, sweeping and spreading in one pass.

Bedding: Completely brushing the lying area in every cubicle removes infectious bacteria, while the introduction of new material is beneficial for low cell counts. Performing these two operations regularly will bring quality milk and volume increases.

The Bobman can brush and bed 180 cubicles in around four or five minutes.

n It is simple to manoeuvre and drive

Using it’s simple drive/steering wheel, it is easy to negotiate small passages and can spin around in a 1.8m circle. A floating arm accommodates various levels of cubicle beds. One or three wheel drive machines are available. The Bobman is powered by a Hatz diesel engine.

Henry Porter Tractors has sold many of these Bobman machines all over Northern Ireland and the feedback is positive. Farmers love them for their efficiency, saving time and energy in a busy day.


The Hustler SL 350 Bale Feeder is designed and manufactured in New Zealand and marketed worldwide. This three-point linkage feeder loads the bale and unrolls it as you drive along the passageway.

n The chain - 12000lb breaking strain is the strongest on the market.

n The cradle is super low and easy to load.

n The “shark” 6mm teeth release the feed off the taper at the correct point.

n The weight is 460kg- while the moving parts are super heavy duty the overall weight is the lightest in its class! This is achieved by using high grade steel which is 50% stronger than mild steel.

n The floor is fully enclosed so there is no waste of expensive feed, is made from Polyethylene unaffected by light, non-corrosive and shock resistant.

n The Hustler SL 350 Bale Feeder comes with a full two year warranty.

n This, too, is a labour-saving machine and has proved very popular, with Henry Porter Tractors selling many of the feeders all over Northern Ireland.

Everyone is welcome at Henry Porter Tractors open day. Refreshments will be available.