Fertility Plus® revolutionises use of beef semen

The British Blue proven sire, Newpole Easy
The British Blue proven sire, Newpole Easy

Genus ABS revolutionised the use of beef semen in dairy and beef herds ten years ago by creating the first high fertility product on the market.

Years of innovative research has resulted in a fertility product which helps increase conception rates and is specific to each farmer’s needs.

From that first release the company now offers six different Fertility Plus® products to suit the requirements on individual farms. Samantha Wilson, Beef Brand Manager with Genus ABS explained: “Based on our studies, we have found that Fertility Plus® increases conception rates by utilising variation in bull semen maturation rates and it still remains one of our leading fertility products.”

She said:“Our most recent beef mix is the Fertility Plus® Blue Elite. This mix contains semen from our most profitable proven British Blue sires that produce superior calf quality, ensuring customers will not only benefit from increased fertility but increased calf value ultimately. This includes our highest BeefAdvantageTM and most popular sires such as Newpole Easy, Greystone Governor and Brookfield Dev.”

Samantha continued: “We carefully select sires to be used in the specific mixes by only using sires that have been tested through the extremely reliable Genus ABS Beef Calving Survey. Only sires that gain proven status are used in mixes, giving our customers peace of mind when it comes to calving ease, gestation length, calf quality and calf survivability.

“Our Fertility Plus® mixes are not just breed specific but also tailored to be traits specialist. For example, we can offer a mix that is specialist for calving ease with three different breeds of bull in, therefore enabling customers to identify the resulting calf’s breed of sire.”

The Fertility Plus® range includes “Easy Calver; British Blue; Continental; Native Breeds; Short Gestation Sires with sires averaging a gestation period of 280 days; Top Calf – which contains semen from sires who score an average of 115 BSI for calf quality.

Farmers who would like further details on Fertility Plus® should contact their local Genus representative or phone the office on 02838 331451.